Boxcar Openers

Boxcar Openers keep operators at a safe distance from potentially hazardous boxcar doors and work to improve productivity.

Boxcar Opener Solutions for Challenging Environments

Operators often experience difficult, or in many cases, hazardous working environments that make it challenging to open boxcar doors safely.

Boxcar openers alleviate the hassle of opening boxcar doors when operators face conditions such as:

  • Damaged doors 
  • Shifted loads in the boxcar that can fall out onto the dock 
  • Stored energy in plug door handles, which can cause the handle to twist or spin
  • Limited space available between the dock and the boxcar door

These conditions have resulted in potentially dangerous outcomes, which is why our units are designed to keep your operators safe.

Our experienced representatives evaluate your environment to equip your team with a boxcar opener that custom-fits your needs based on the following:

  • The availability of a forklift and forklift operator
  • Number of boxcars received on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • The type of door on the boxcar received: sliding, plug, or both 
  • Location of the receiving dock in respect to your facility: interior or exterior 
  • Space available between the dock and the boxcar door 

Prevent Injuries & Increase Productivity with These Boxcar Opener Units

Units Mounted to Forklift Devices

These units are suited for mounting to a forklift device and provide a safe solution for opening and closing boxcar doors.
Door Buster Combination Boxcar Opener

“Door Buster”
Combination Boxcar Opener

Double Winch Boxcar Opener

Double Rope “DR” Winch
for Boxcars with Sliding Doors

Bully Boxcar Opener

Boxcar “Bully”
for Boxcars with Plug Doors

Stand-Alone Mobile Units

This unit’s design features safety, mobility, and adjustability in a compact and stable platform.

Blue Roller Boxcar Opener

“Blue Roller”
for Boxcars with Plug Doors