Our commitment to safety & productivity is second to none.

Select from an extensive variety of accessories that complement our full-line of railcar and hopper trailer openers and our vibration solutions. We also have a line of railyard safety accessories.

Railcar Opener Accessories

Railcar Opener

We stock an assortment of railcar opener accessories for Arnold Company’s line of railcar hopper gate openers.

Hopper Trailer Opener Accessories


We offer a variety of hopper trailer opener accessories for our handheld Hopper Trailer Opener (HTO), a safe and efficient solution from Arnold Company.

Vibration Accessories


Select from an array of vibration accessories for our line of railcar and industrial vibrators as well as our patented “Rhino” railcar vibrator lifter.

Railyard Safety Accessories

Railyard Safety

We provide a range of railyard products and accessories that foster a safe working environment for your employees.