Introducing the NEW and improved Ride-On, Beam Mounted Railcar Hopper Gate Opener

Prevent Injuries. Increase Productivity.

Arnold Company proudly manufactures the Door Demon® line of railcar openers, hopper trailer
openers, and vibration solutions; American-made options designed to
improve safety and productivity.

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Connect with Arnold Company & Arnco Safety at the 2024 GEAPS Exchange

The grain handling and processing industry is a critical component of the global food supply chain, demanding constant attention to safety, efficiency, and innovation. As leaders in the grain industry, Arnold Company & Arnco Safety are excited...
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Advance Boxcar Operations with Arnold Company’s “Blue Roller” Boxcar Plug Door Opener

Learn about the Blue Roller, the standalone boxcar plug door opener from Arnold Company. This innovative unit redefines safety and efficiency in unloading operations, keeping your workers out of harm's way and boosting your bottom line. Blue...
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The Vacuum Mounted Vibrator, A Game-Changing Solution for Efficient Material Handling

When it comes to handling and transporting materials like grain, ensuring an uninterrupted flow is crucial. This is where innovation steps in — the Vacuum Mounted Vibrator, made by Cleveland Vibrator. Let's delve deeper into its features,...
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The Demon Stick Hopper Gate Opener is a Safe, Cost Effective Solution for Lower Volume Railcars

At the Arnold Company, worker safety is always paramount.  That’s why we developed the Demon Stick Hopper Gate Opener —a game-changing solution that promises unparalleled safety and operational efficiency. An Overview of the Demon Stick Hopper Gate...
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Revolutionize Railcar Unloading with the Fork Devil Hopper Gate Opener

Bustling grain storage facilities with multiple railcars need efficient devices to unload railcars quickly and safely. At Arnold Company, we’ve developed a cost-effective but powerful solution to open hopper gates. The Fork Devil is a game-changing solution...
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Enhance Safety and Productivity with the PowerDrive Multi-Position Hopper Gate Opener

We're proud to introduce the latest addition to our PowerDrive series, the Multi-Position Hopper Gate Opener. Shown:  PowerDrive Multi-Position equipped with wireless controls and optional camera system. Experience the Future of Grain Handling The PowerDrive Multi-Position builds...
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Albert B. Middeke Jr.“With safety and productivity always in mind, we take pride in our product selectionproduct qualityshort lead times, and personalized customer service! We offer our customers safe solutions to their Hopper Gate and Boxcar Opener needs, and we stand behind our products!”

Albert Middeke, President Arnold Company

Ride-On, Beam Mounted Railcar Hopper Gate Opener

High volume unloading areas require the highest speed, efficiency, and obviously safety. Our new Ride-On unit provides all of this, allowing the operator to control the unit from a comfortable seated position.

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