Advance Boxcar Operations with Arnold Company’s “Blue Roller” Boxcar Plug Door Opener

Advance Boxcar Operations with Arnold Company’s “Blue Roller” Boxcar Plug Door Opener

Learn about the Blue Roller, the standalone boxcar plug door opener from Arnold Company.

This innovative unit redefines safety and efficiency in unloading operations, keeping your workers out of harm’s way and boosting your bottom line.

Blue Roller Features & Benefits

The Blue Roller stands out with its unique combination of features:

  • Ease of Operation: Ergonomically designed for single-operator use, this boxcar opener opens doors effortlessly, minimizing physical strain and maximizing operator efficiency.
  • Mobility & Flexibility: Equipped with a magnetic movable button controller, movable crank handles, and brake to set it in place– the Blue Roller offers unparalleled maneuverability.
  • Battery Power: Being battery-operated, it ensures consistent performance without the need for external power sources.

Enhanced Safety for Railcar Workers

The Blue Roller prioritizes operator safety above all else. Unlike forklift-mounted units, the Blue Roller operates independently, eliminating the risk of injury from falling between the dock and the railcar. Its magnetic controller keeps operators a safe distance from the stored energy in the plug door handle, known for its unpredictable recoil.

Effortless Operation

The Blue Roller is built for ease of use. Its compact, standalone mobile design allows it to roll freely into any position, easily navigating tight spaces. The adjustable shaft length ensures a perfect reach for any boxcar door, while the brake system provides secure stability during operation.

Meeting the Needs of Industries Using Boxcars

The Blue Roller addresses a critical need across various sectors, including consumer goods, food packaging, agricultural and industrial operations. Because of its compact design, the Blue Roller can fit in spaces where you can’t use a forklift or other pieces of equipment. This versatile solution seamlessly fits into different operational scales, from small businesses to large-scale industrial setups.

Types of Industries the Blue Roller Serves

This unit can be used for any operation or workforce that uses boxcars such as:

  • Consumer product goods
  • Food packaging items
  • Raw food materials, such as produce or liquid pulp
  • Industrial needs, such as electric motors
  • Grain bin handling or grain storage

How the Blue Roller Works

The Blue Roller is known for its straightforward operation. Its plug door head, managed by a magnet-backed button controller, exemplifies user-friendly design. In addition, its crank handle is adaptable to varying boxcar handle heights and can easily be adjusted to ensure flexibility in different operational contexts.

Connect with Arnold Company to Learn More About the Blue Roller Boxcar Plug Door Opener

Explore the full potential of the Blue Roller. If you’re looking to enhance operational efficiency and workplace safety, request more information on our Boxcar Opener information page.

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