Connect with Arnold Company & Arnco Safety at the 2024 GEAPS Exchange

Connect with Arnold Company & Arnco Safety at the 2024 GEAPS Exchange

The grain handling and processing industry is a critical component of the global food supply chain, demanding constant attention to safety, efficiency, and innovation.

As leaders in the grain industry, Arnold Company & Arnco Safety are excited to announce our participation in the upcoming Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS) Exchange. This event is not just a conference; it’s a cornerstone for industry professionals worldwide, providing an unparalleled opportunity for learning, networking, and discovery.

About GEAPS Exchange 2024

Scheduled from February 24-27 at the Kansas City Convention Center in Missouri, GEAPS Exchange 2024 stands as the premier event for the grain industry. It’s an international platform where professionals from across the grain handling and processing sector converge to expand their professional networks and explore the latest industry trends, technologies, and safety protocols. Dubbed “The Biggest and Best Show in the Grain Industry,” the event promises to offer attendees valuable insights into maintaining and enhancing operational efficiency and safety standards.

Visit Arnold Company & Arnco Safety at Booth #1940

Arnold Company & Arnco Safety will host Booth #1940, showcasing their commitment to safety and productivity within the grain industry. Here’s what attendees can expect:

Experience the PowerDrive Multi Position

Arnold Company will feature the PowerDrive Multi-Position. This unit is the latest addition to Arnold Company’s PowerDrive series: a cutting-edge unit designed for central operation from a remote control. The innovative PowerDrive Multi-Position hopper gate opener allows operators to efficiently control and manage multiple tasks from a central location, offering convenience and versatility in various industrial settings For a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities and benefits, attendees are encouraged to experience a live demonstration at the booth.

Click to learn more about the PowerDrive Multi-Position 

Arnold Company President Albert Midekke explains the features and benefits of the Power Drive Multi-Position.

NEW: the Arnco Safety Training Center

Newly opened this past year, Arnco Safety will be showcasing the Safety Training Center, a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to advancing worker safety knowledge and skills. The center offers both classroom and hands-on training, led by certified trainers. Course offerings are comprehensive, covering crucial topics such as Grain Bin Rescue, Rope Rescue, Dust Explosion Simulation, CPR/First Aid/AED Training, and much more. This initiative underscores Arnco Safety’s commitment to not just selling safety products but also to educating and preparing industry professionals for any safety challenges they may face.

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Discover the Global Grain Industry Network at the 2024 GEAPS Exchange Trade Show

The Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS) stands as a beacon for individuals engaged in the grain handling and processing industry worldwide. Since its inception in 1930, GEAPS has been at the forefront of fostering leadership, innovation, and excellence in industry practices. For nearly a century, its membership has collaborated to forge and uphold safer and more efficient operational standards.

The GEAPS Exchange 2024 offers an invaluable opportunity for industry professionals to connect with the Arnold Company & Arnco Safety teams. Whether you’re looking to discuss safety solutions, schedule a class or tour at the Safety Training Center, or simply explore the latest in grain handling and processing technology, Booth #1940 is where you need to be.

For more information about how we can help elevate safety and productivity in your grain operation, reach out to the Arnold Company or schedule a tour of the Arnco Safety Training Center here.

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