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Arnold Company proudly manufactures the Door Demon® line of railcar openers, hopper trailer openers, and vibration solutions; American-made options designed to improve safety and productivity.

Introducing the NEW and improved Ride-On, Beam Mounted Railcar Hopper Gate Opener

Ride-On, Beam Mounted Railcar Hopper Gate Opener

High volume unloading areas require the highest speed, efficiency, and obviously safety. Our new Ride-On unit provides all of this, allowing the operator to control the unit from a comfortable seated position. This unit features our largest electric over hydraulic system. With simple hand controls, while seated, the operator can traverse the beam while adjusting drive bit height and position to fit any railcar. The shaft RPM’s are the fastest in our product line, and our highest torque hydraulic motor is included as a standard feature to ensure that your operation is not slowed down by tough hopper gates.

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