NEW Featured Safety & Productivity Solutions at 2023 GEAPS Exchange

NEW Featured Safety & Productivity Solutions at 2023 GEAPS Exchange

The Arnold Company and Arnco Safety are excited to announce that they will be attending the 2023 GEAPS Exchange together at booth #1928. 

Considered the biggest and best show in the grain industry, the GEAPS Exchange is always the perfect opportunity for industry professionals to discover and demo the latest technologies and solutions from the Arnold Company and Arnco Safety.

This year’s event at the Kansas City Convention Center offers over 45 hours of education alongside plenty of opportunities for networking and connecting with the people and products that will move your business forward. Specifically, this year’s Expo Hall will be the setting for highlighting the incredible new innovations from our team at booth #1928. 

Visit the Arnold Company at the 2023 GEAPS Exchange

Arnold Company is bringing their latest and greatest state-of-the-art equipment to the event, including the Ride-On Railcar Hopper Gate Opener, and Hopper Trailer Opener (HTO).

The Ride-On Beam Mounted Unit is the latest in railcar hopper gate opener technology. This unit is designed for high-volume applications and increases the speed, efficiency, and safety for operators while delivering a more productive working environment overall. Key features include:

  • a comfortably seated, single operator unit
  • beam mounted (standard W6 x 25 beam)
  • ergonomically placed controls
  • quieter operational levels
  • revamped electric over hydraulic system
  • highest unloading speed and torque ever
  • faster travel speed
  • easier to maintain power drive with no chain
  • a built-in cooler for continuous use in hot environments.
  • now includes a remote control option for safety and ease-of-use for operators.

Arnold Company’s innovative, patented Door Demon Hopper Trailer Opener (HTO) is a lightweight handheld unit that has been designed from the ground up specifically for truck hopper trailers. The HTO combines flexibility, optimal torque and fast rotation speed into a feature-rich unit with a custom shaft and socket assembly designed for the task at hand.

See each of these business-changing units in action at Booth #1928.

Visit Arnco Safety at the 2023 GEAPS Exchange

Arnco Safety is focused on their mission that everyone must go home safely. For this GEAPS event, they will be showcasing the Safety Training Center, Continuous Dust Accumulation Monitor, and DumoPro Dust Monitor.

Arnco Safety provides rescue services, training, safety equipment, and personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure your team is safe and prepared every time they step foot in the workplace. 

The Safety Training Center in Trenton, IL, will be opening in spring 2023, providing hands-on training in specialty stations like confined space and grain bin rescue, CPR-1st-aid-aed, fall protection, lockout/tagout, hazard monitoring, dust management, and more. Contact our team to learn more about the grand opening.

Our NEW Continuous Dust Accumulation Monitor uses machine vision and calibration software and reliably notifies you when your dust accumulation levels have reached pre-determined levels. Within 24/7 coverage, even in difficult places, you will be notified by 2 customized alarm setpoints of a potential problem. Using your company’s SCADA system or cloud-based DAS, you can analyze your company’s data from any device. Industrial Intelligence, Inc. is striving to save lives and prevent the loss of assets. 

The DumoPro dust monitor offers low maintenance, real-time, 24/7 trend monitoring in key areas of your business to detect and alarm dust events. This best-in-class solution guarantees fast responses to changing process conditions and is powered by Sintrol’s proven measuring technology to ensure the protection, safety and comfortability of your environment.

We Look Forward to Seeing You February 25-28th

Don’t miss the chance to visit Arnold Company and Arnco Safety’s Booth #1928 at the 2023 GEAPS Exchange and interact with a unique network of industry professionals and solutions who will move your business forward – safely. 

Contact an Arnold Company representative for more information today!


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