Hopper Trailer Opener

The Patented* Door Demon Hopper Trailer Opener (HTO) is the latest innovation from the Arnold Company.

Everything about this unit has been designed from the ground up specifically for truck hopper trailers. 

Our customers made it clear that they needed the flexibility of a handheld unit with enough torque to get the job done, but not too much to avoid damage to the hopper trailer gate components. Rotation speed was also a critical factor, as the user needed to open the gate in an efficient yet controllable manner.  Weight was crucial as the unit had to be light enough for the user to operate it all day long. The patented* Door Demon hopper trailer opener (HTO) combines all of those requirements into a feature-rich unit with a custom shaft and socket assembly designed for the task at hand.

Door Demon Hopper Trailer Opener (HTO)

Hopper Trailer Opener (HTO)

Door Demon Hopper Trailer Opener (HTO) in Action

Hopper Trailer Opener (HTO) – In Action

Features & Specs

  • Smooth, continuous torque
  • Shaft and socket design enables fast socket change
  • Lever mechanism to manually lock shaft when needed.
  • Air powered – only 15 CFM needed
  • Safe noise levels below 80 decibels.
  • Speed and torque designed for trailer gates


  • Prevents operator injury
  • Prevents grain trailer damage
  • Single-person operation
  • Handheld, lightweight, portable
  • Automated, but safe on trailer gates

Downloadable Resources:

Contact an experienced Arnold Company representative for additional information about the Hopper Trailer Opener (HTO).


"I was looking for years for a good tool to open hopper trailers and I finally found the Door Demon Hopper Trailer Opener (HTO). It's the best option out there. It's very user friendly and it saves labor by putting less strain on the employees than cranking hopper gates by hand. It also speeds up the unloading process. The tool is very well built, mechanically sound, and virtually maintenance free. We used it to open 4,000 trailers last fall. That's roughly 4,000,000 bushels and it's ready to go for this season! I give it an A+"
Paul Mancini
Farmers Grain Terminal, Indianola, MS

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