Hopper Gate Railcar Openers

Select from an extensive variety of Hopper Gate Railcar Openers designed for safety and engineered for efficiency.

Choosing the Proper Equipment

Our knowledgeable team works alongside you to understand your needs and identify the challenges in your environment. When your operators face damaged hopper gates, jams resulting from packed railcars, or unsafe unloading conditions, we offer the proper solution that allows them to safely and efficiently open and close hopper gates.

railcar unloading equipment maintenance

In order to equip you with the ideal fit for your needs or even custom design certain aspects of your hopper gate opener, we evaluate the following criteria: 

  • What commodity is unloaded and where it is discharged to 
  • Frequency and number of railcars received 
  • Capstan type
  • Possible space limitations at the unloading site
  • Available power sources: compressed air, electricity, etc.

Prevent injuries and increase productivity with these Hopper Gate Railcar Openers

Two-Wheel Units

These units provide a combination of usability and mobility for every environment.

Dragon Pneumatic Two-Wheel Hopper Gate Opener

“Dragon” – Pneumatic (Air)

AC Electric Two Wheel Hopper Gate Opener

AC Electric

Battery Hopper Gate Railcar Opener

DC Battery

Beam Mounted Units

This line of units features a heavy duty “trolley” which mounts to a standard 6″ beam and easily slides back and forth.


PowerDrive Multi-Position

ride on hopper gate opener

PowerDrive Ride-On

Device Mounted Units

These units mount to devices like a forklift or skid-steer for ease of use within your working environment.

"Fork Devil" Forklift Mounted Hopper Gate Opener

“Fork Devil”
for Forklift Devices

Skid Steer Mount Hopper Gate Railcar Opener

for Skid-Steer Devices

Manually Operated Units

Low-cost alternative for lower volume operations or as a backup unit, this manual unit allows the operator to get out from under the railcar, while putting the operator in a better position to open difficult gates.

Demon Stick - Hopper Gate Railcar Opener

“Demon Stick”