Railcar Opener Accessories

Our Railcar Opener Accessories

Select from an extensive variety of accessories that complement our full-line of railcar and hopper trailer openers and our vibration solutions. We also have a line of railyard safety accessories.

Drive Bit - Hopper Gate Opener Accessory

Drive Bits

Part #: ARN-AD06
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Will fit most models of door openers including our line of Door Demons. The ARN-AD06 drive bit has a total length of 6″. The width goes from 1″ to 1 1/2″ at a depth of 4″. This is important as many cars only allow a 4″ insertion. This bit has retaining holes on both axes to accommodate all makes of door openers that use the 1 1/2″ square drive.

Extension Shaft - Hopper Gate Opener Accessory

Extension Shafts

Part #: DD 26″, DD 36″, DD-CUSTOM
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We can manufacture a custom length shaft for your Door Demon®. Standard lengths of 26″ and 36″ are $320.  Any custom length (less than 26″ or more than 36″) are $400.  The maximum length we recommend is 48 inches (4 feet).

If you need a custom-length shaft, contact us and indicate the length you require. See above graphic for instruction.

Capstan Socket - Hopper Gate Opener Accessory

Capstan Sockets

Part #: ARN-0072
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Our replacement capstan socket is the ideal solution for worn square drives on railcars, ensuring smooth door operation. Compatible with various door openers and almost any door-opener combination, its oversized tube design and square drive hole make it versatile. Simply slide it over the capstan and secure it with a 1-inch pin to transfer opening torque, saving time and money. Invest in our capstan socket for a hassle-free door opener solution.

Hydraulic Pressure Testing Kit - Hopper Gate Opener Accessory

Pressure Testing Kit

Part #: ARN-0273
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This Hydraulic Pressure Tester Kit will allow you to easily check the pressure of your Door Demon railcar opener. This is important when diagnosing performance issues or setting pressure after replacing key hydraulic components such as the hydraulic pump. The kit comes completely assembled and is designed to easily plumb up to existing Door Demon fittings and hoses.

Protective Cover - Hopper Gate Opener Accessory

Protective Cover
for Two-Wheel Openers

Part #: ARN-0226
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Our all-weather Door Demon® cover helps protect your hopper gate opener from environmental damage while the unit is not in use. It is made of durable canvas and features reinforced seams for added protection. This cover is fit for use with any of our two wheeled hopper gate openers (with or without the side-shifting wheels option).

Hatch Key Pry Bar

“Hopper Popper” Pry Bar
(heavy-duty model)

Part #: ARN-0326
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Save your back and your fingers. Stubborn hatch covers yield to the leverage in our specially shaped bar.

Worker should be secured to fall protection cable while using our “Hopper Popper” Pry Bar.

Air Line Filter - Accessory

Air Line Filter

Part #: ARN-0197
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Filtering the air removes dust and other contaminants from the supply line.  This auto-drain5 micron filter, when combined with a lubricator, extends the operational lifetime of the tool, unit, or vibrator while maintaining its performance parameters.  Works with our Rhino Railcar Vibrator Lifter as well as our pneumatic (air) powered hopper gate railcar openers.

Air Line Lubricator - Accessory

Air Line Lubricator

Part #: ARN-0003
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Lubricating the air line limits the chance of the internal parts from seizing inside the body of our pneumatic units and vibrators. A lubricator, when combined with a filter, extends the operational lifetime of the tool, unit, or vibrator while maintaining its performance parameters.