How to Open Hopper Trailer Gates Safely

How to Open Hopper Trailer Gates Safely

How to Open Hopper Trailer Gates Safely

Learn step-by-step how using the Door Demon® Hopper Trailer Opener (HTO) not only makes the job of opening hopper trailer gates or traps safer, but easier and more efficient.

Key features of the HTO

The HTO motor and gear combination has been designed with the right amount of torque to open the toughest trailer gates without damaging them. The ergonomic design and long shaft allow the operators’ hands to be removed from the side of the trailer while operating in a comfortable standing position.

The hand lever has a lock to prevent accidental engagement. Rotation speed will vary depending on the pressure applied to the lever, allowing the operator to start out slowly, and finish slowly when nearing the end of the gate trap.

A custom locking mechanism allows the operator to manually lock the shaft to apply enough pressure to release the latch usually found on the hopper trailer gate.

Pro-tip: hopper trailers come with several connections for gate opening. The HTO features three standard socket assemblies custom designed to open the majority of existing gates. The sockets are easily removable and still lock in place to prevent accidental disconnection. Plus, the large ring around each socket helps prevent it from falling through the unloading grate.

The unit is air-powered and requires only 20 cfm and 50 psi for ease of use. Remember, it’s critical that clean, dry, but lubricated air is applied to the unit. A filter, regulator, and lubricator (FRL) must be used with the HTO to help filter the air, regulate pressure to the unit, and provide lubrication.

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Preparing to use the HTO

Helpful tips when using the HTO for the first time:

  1. Operators are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the HTO’s key features and if possible, test operating with the tool before entering a production environment.
  2. Prior to opening or closing a gate, check to determine which socket assembly is required to match the gate rod.
  3. Always check the gate to understand which way the gate rod must rotate to open or close the gate. Operators should always hold the HTO handle and lever in the same hand as the direction of rotation. This is important for ensuring maximum control of the unit during operation.
  4. Check to see if a latch is preventing the gate from opening or closing. If that’s the case, engage the manual shaft lock by pressing the locking lever. Manually apply enough pressure to slightly rotate the gate rod and disengage the latch.

Click here to watch the HTO in action!

Closing task checklist for the HTO

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