3 Things to Expect at the Upcoming GEAPS Exchange

3 Things to Expect at the Upcoming GEAPS Exchange

Arnold Company at GEAPS Exchange 2019

This August, the Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS) hosts their annual grain industry event in Columbus, Ohio!

The 2021 GEAPS Exchange puts the latest and greatest parts of the grain industry on full display. Attendees uncover trending industry topics and receive education on best practices for safety. Not to mention there are numerous opportunities for networking!

Suppliers and industry professionals who deal in grain handling and processing will gather in the Expo Hall at the Greater Columbus Convention Center from August 6-9.

For the past several years, around 450 exhibitors, including representatives from the Arnold Company, featured products and informed attendees about the most innovative aspects of the industry.

With nearly 300 exhibitor booths to explore, planning your route and prioritizing which booths to visit can be a challenge! At the same time, the knowledge attendees walk away with strengthens their businesses and prepares them for upcoming industry challenges.

As an attendee, here are 3 opportunities you can expect at this year’s GEAPS Exchange: 

1. Gain insight into the grain industry

The GEAPS Exchange places an enhanced focus on education and workshops through their program, Exchange Education. Attend basic, mid-level, or advanced workshops designed by the Exchange Educational Programming Committee that fit the needs of all attendees’ learning styles.

All in all, there are nearly 40 hours of educational components offered. GEAPS truly fulfills their mission to “advance grain industry knowledge and information sharing through a network of global agriculture professionals.”

2. Discover the innovative equipment shaping the industry

Grain industry and safety professionals, students and executives alike all attend the GEAPS Exchange to see firsthand how the latest equipment will help better their businesses.

Members of the Arnold Company team will feature our very own, patented Hopper Trailer Opener. This is the world’s first portable, handheld unit designed to open trailer gates safely and efficiently.

The Hopper Trailer Opener boasts enough torque and speed to open trailer gates with ease. This unit remains lightweight for complete operator control and all-day use. Our innovative equipment allows the operator to ‘feel’ when they are at the end of the gate. This aspect sets it apart from other trailer openers on the market that cannot minimize gate damage as effectively as is needed.

Overall, we focus on improving productivity and enhancing safety. Our unit’s ergonomic design allows the operator to comfortably stand while keeping their hands out of harm’s way.

See the Hopper Trailer Opener in action! 

At this year’s booth in Columbus, Arnold Company representatives will proudly introduce the NEW Ride-On Railcar Hopper Gate Opener, designed for high-volume applications.

This unit incorporates the best features of the Multi-Position, along with a completely new sled design and power unit. Operators have complete control of the unit using simple controls – all from a comfortable seated position. In addition to powered height adjustment and drive shaft operation, the unit traverses along the beam with simple lever operation.

Not only is the Ride-On unit quiet and comfortable, but it also features our largest electric over hydraulic system. With top speeds and high torque, the Ride-On will not only get the job done safely and easily, but also in the fastest time possible.

New Ride-On Unit at GEAPS Exchange 2021

Visit the Arnold Company at Booth 1249

Stop by our booth to learn more about the Hopper Trailer Opener, new Ride-On, the entire line of railcar openers, and additional vibration solutions.

3. Build relationships with industry thought-leaders and experts 

There are ample opportunities to network with the right people in the grain industry:

  • Suppliers
  • Executives
  • Manufacturers

Meet the Arnold Company Representatives at the GEAPS Exchange

At the Arnold Company, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service. Our knowledgeable representatives work alongside you to determine the right fit for your equipment needs. The Exchange is the best place to keep track of what’s happening in the industry. We hope you can join us!

Learn about the Hopper Trailer Opener and various other products in the Door Demon® line of equipment.

Arnold Company at GEAPS Exchange 2019

Each year hundreds of attendees gather at the annual GEAPS conference to learn about the latest topics affecting the industry and explore innovative new products and services in the Expo Hall.  In 2019 the event was held in New Orleans, Louisiana. Pictured above is the Arnold Company’s Door Demon® line of railcar and trailer hopper gate openers.

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