Unload Grain Trailers Safely and Efficiently During an Active Harvest

Unload Grain Trailers Safely and Efficiently During an Active Harvest

Unload Grain Trailers Safely

During an active harvest, speed up the unloading process while improving the safety of your operators using our air-powered Hopper Trailer Opener and Vacuum Mounted Vibrator equipment combination. 

Unload Grain Trailers Safer, Faster, and Easier

Unload grain trailers at high-volume unloading locations with the Door Demon® HTO handheld grain trailer opener. The lightweight, portable HTO is equipped with the right combination of torque and speed to open trailer gates safely without damaging the gate itself.

Plus, the HTO’s handheld design is ergonomic, allowing the user to stand in a comfortable position when opening or closing grain trailer gates. The custom shaft-locking mechanism on this unit releases the gate lock prior to opening. In addition, custom quick-change sockets help operators prepare to unload a variety of trailer types.

With an emphasis on safety, the HTO helps eliminate issues such as strain, motion injuries, and fatigue that operators often face.

Learn More About the Evolution of the Hopper Trailer Opener’s Design

Use the HTO in Combination with a High-Quality Vibration Solution

A perfect complement to the HTO, the Vacuum Mounted Piston Vibrator assists with improving material flow and is ideal for concrete forms, refractories, rail car and grain trailer hoppers, plant bins, and more.

Improve Material Flow with Railcar Vibration: Read the Case Study  

Versatile, safe, durable, and user-friendly, our Vacuum Mounted Vibrator series is perfect for applications where permanent installation is not possible. Lightweight and portable like the HTO, it helps eliminate clogging, bridging, and sticking issues in bulk bins and hoppers, as well as the need for destructive hammering on hoppers. These Vacuum Mounted Vibrators can handle light-to-moderate material loads and help significantly reduce operator strain due to frequent lifting.

See the Vacuum Mounted Piston Vibrator Series in Action

Contact Arnold Company product specialists for more information on how to unload grain trailers safely.

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