Case Study: Prevent Boxcar Damage and Improve Safety

Case Study: Prevent Boxcar Damage and Improve Safety

Prevent Boxcar Damage; Door Buster Boxcar Opener

Concerns over improving operator safety and preventing boxcar damage lead a Florida-based food manufacturer to equip 7 facility locations with the Door Buster Combination Boxcar Opener.

Safer for Operators, Easier on Boxcars  

Oftentimes on aging boxcars, plug door handles have the potential to spin out of control due to shifted loads, damaged doors, or even improperly closed doors. Safe equipment solutions are crucial to keep operators out of harm’s way and prevent boxcar damage from forklifts or other improper opening tools.

In early February 2020, a dock operator for the manufacturer researched safer procedures for opening and closing boxcar doors and requested more information on Arnold Company’s Door Buster unit. Arnold Company General Manager Scott Dressler worked closely with the operator, local operations manager, and Environmental Health Services (EHS) team to assess the facility’s needs and offer support.

“In our early conversations, we addressed how their boxcar doors became increasingly difficult to open due to damage from being opened incorrectly,” Dressler states. “Not only does equipment like the Door Buster make things safer for the operators; it also makes it easier on the boxcars. Overall, it reduces downtime and increases productivity on-site.”

See the Door Buster in Action

The Door Buster Combination Boxcar Opener combines the features of a boxcar plug door opener and sliding door opener to safely open all types of boxcar doors with one unit. This forklift mounted device features DC battery power with a built-in charger and comes complete with a remote-control option.

Service, Support, and a Safer Solution

In late spring 2020, Dressler coordinated with one facility location and offered a free 30-day trial of the Door Buster. By August, the company purchased 7 units to aid employees at each of their loading and unloading facilities.

“In addition to the unit, we provide an operational video complete with instructions on how to use the product, including how to hook it up, turn it on, and effectively operate it,” Dressler continues. “The operators offered feedback on how their facility functions as compared to the instructional video content, and we were able to tailor safety best practices specific to their needs.”

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