“Door Buster” – Combination Boxcar Opener

The Door Buster Combination Boxcar Opener

Combining the best features of our boxcar plug door opener and sliding door opener to safely open all types of boxcar doors with one unit.

Boxcar doors are not only difficult to open, but they can be dangerous, especially if the door is damaged or the load has shifted. Not only does the Door Buster make the job of opening difficult doors fast and efficient, but more importantly, the Door Buster allows the operator to be positioned safely out of harm’s way during the process. The “Door Buster” is designed to remove the user from two potentially dangerous areas when opening boxcar doors: potential stored energy in the plug door handle and the sliding door itself.  Risk in these areas increases if the load has shifted during transport or if the door was damaged at a prior stop.  While there are other methods to get a boxcar door open, the “Door Buster” is the only way that truly removes the operator from potential danger areas.

Door Buster Combination Boxcar Opener

“Door Buster” – Combination Boxcar Opener

Door Buster Combination Boxcar Opener - Wireless

“Door Buster” – Combination Boxcar Opener
with Optional Wireless Remote Control

Features & Specs

  • Forklift mounted
  • DC battery power with built in charger
  • Optional remote control available
  • Safety yellow
  • Dimensions: 42”W x 50”L x 20” H


  • Prevents operator injury
  • Prevents boxcar damage
  • Single person operation
  • Meets OSHA standards
  • Reduces downtime and increases productivity

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"Door Buster" – Multi-Purpose

"Door Buster" – Multi-Purpose