How to Open Boxcar Doors Safely

How to Open Boxcar Doors Safely

Discover how the Door Demon® Blue Roller Boxcar Plug Door Opener helps operators open boxcar doors safely.

Operators often stress how important it is to open boxcar doors safely. They need a solution that keeps them out of harm’s way. Those of us familiar with boxcar doors understand that the plug door handle has the potential to spin out of control on older cars.

For example, shifted loads, damaged doors, or even improperly closed doors can typically cause that kind of tension. This makes it difficult for operators to open or close boxcar doors safely and efficiently.

In other situations, the sizable gap that exists between the dock and the actual boxcar remains a common problem many operators face. The further the gap, the more difficult it becomes to access and turn the plug door safely and without strain.

Is there a solution for operators who need to open boxcar doors safely?

To combat the common concerns operators face, we created and developed the Door Demon® Blue Roller Boxcar Plug Door Opener, guaranteed to make opening boxcar doors safer and easier.

Compact and durable, the Blue Roller Boxcar Plug Door Opener removes the potential risk of opening some of the toughest and most damaged plug doors. And at the same time, it remains small enough to store anywhere. With its stand-alone unit design, you won’t need a forklift or other equipment to operate.

Engineered for Safety and Efficiency

The unit itself consists of a heavy-duty rolling table that’s portable and easy to maneuver. We built in the self-contained DC-powered hydraulic system and charger so it’s ready to go when you are.

In addition, the height of the platform and shaft adjust to accommodate varying dock heights. The shaft extends to bridge the gap between the dock and the boxcar, eliminating the possibility of a work-related injury. We can even create custom shafts on request to better fit your environment and needs.

At Arnold Company, we put safety and productivity first because we understand the responsibilities of boxcar door operators and the potential problems they face.

See the Blue Roller Boxcar Plug Door in action!

Questions? Contact an Arnold Company representative to learn more about custom solutions designed to improve boxcar safety and productivity.

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