Grain Journal Reviews the Arnold Company’s Line of Hopper Gate Openers

Grain Journal Reviews the Arnold Company’s Line of Hopper Gate Openers

Arnco Grain Journal 2019 slider
Arnco Grain Journal 2019 slider

In their January-February print and digital issue, Grain Journal featured a product review of the Door Demon® line of Hopper Gate Openers.

Grain Journal, based in Decatur, Illinois, releases a bi-monthly trade magazine that focuses primarily on the grain storage and handling industry. Included in these releases and other online publications, Grain Journal publishes news, articles, and resources related to the grain, feed, seed, milling, and biofuels industries.

Grain Journal, the “voice of the grain and feed industry,” included a product review outlining the features and benefits of Arnold Company’s line of railcar Hopper Gate Openers in their January-February 2019 issue.

Safely and Efficiently Open and Close Hopper Gates

The review, featured in the same issue as promotion for the 2019 GEAPS Exchange, emphasizes the superior performance, reduced maintenance costs, and customizable options associated with the Door Demon railcar Hopper Gate Opener units.

Arnold Company President Albert Middeke states in the review that, “Prior to the Door Demon, the early versions of railcar openers were almost all impacting units. Our continuous torque-type openers brought a solution that was extremely powerful but also smoother and quieter, and operators have really appreciated this.”

Custom, Quality, and Durable Solutions

Designed to adapt to various conditions, such as commodity type, number of railcars received, or space limitations at the unloading site, our Hopper Gate Openers custom-fit your needs and environment.

“In addition to our design and quality, the breadth of our product line also offers a key advantage,” Middeke states in the review. “With the variety of options offered in the Door Demon line of products, we can meet virtually any customer need.”

Read the entire Grain Journal product review of Arnold Company Hopper Gate Openers

Our Hopper Gate Opener units assist operators who face difficult and potentially unsafe unloading conditions. Based on your environment, our experienced representatives help determine the best fit for your needs. We work alongside you to identify a solution and provide ongoing, supportive customer service from a team of knowledgeable professionals.

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