Why the Hopper Trailer Opener is Trending in the Grain Industry

Why the Hopper Trailer Opener is Trending in the Grain Industry

Hopper Trailer Opener

The Arnold Company’s Hopper Trailer Opener fits grain industry standards for equipment that improves safety while increasing speed and efficiency.

Arnold Company President Albert Middeke, Sales Manager Scott Dressler, and Operations Manager Jon Ripperda recently hosted the Arnold Company exhibitor’s booth at the 2019 Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS) Exchange in New Orleans, Louisiana.

GEAPS Grain Industry Exchange
From left to right: Scott Dressler, Jon Ripperda, and Albert Middeke represent the Arnold Company at the 2019 GEAPS Exchange.

GEAPS, an annual grain industry event, attracts suppliers and other industry professionals that operate in grain handling and processing.

“Typically, guests attend the GEAPS Exchange to gain knowledge and find better ways to serve their individual plants,” Dressler said. “They’re looking for new products, new ideas, and grain industry trends. Plus, our conversations with attendees really branched out this year. We spoke with companies who mill flour or mill and store hops for beer, to those processing grain for export out of the country.”

Equipment that Improves Speed and Safety

GEAPS attendees were drawn in by the Arnold Company’s extensive line of railcar openers and vibration solutions, but expressed an increased interest in the world’s first portable and handheld Hopper Trailer Opener.

Hopper Trailer Opener

This unit’s design assists operators with opening trailer gates safely and efficiently by incorporating the proper amount of torque and speed. The Hopper Trailer Opener allows the operator to remain in full control, keeping both the operator and the trailer gate safe.

The custom shaft-locking mechanism on this lightweight and ergonomic unit releases the gate lock prior to opening. In addition, custom quick-change sockets help operators prepare to unload a variety of trailer types.

“Like many industries, the grain industry is emphasizing safety with a stressed importance on speed and efficiency,” Middeke stated. “This year, industry requirements are driving customers to look for a product exactly like the Hopper Trailer Opener. It gets the job done safer, faster, and easier.”

Arnold Company President and Hopper Trailer Opener
Arnold Company President Albert Middeke instructs a GEAPS attendee on how the Hopper Trailer Opener functions.

The Arnold Company Advantage

The innovative Hopper Trailer Opener solves the grain industry’s challenge to increase speed and improve productivity, without compromising worker safety.

“Our high-quality products and emphasis on customer service bring the solutions and expertise this industry needs,” Middeke added. “We bring that personal touch, take the time to understand your environment, and find the right solution.”

Connect with an Arnold Company representative to learn more about the Hopper Trailer Opener and other Door Demon® equipment.

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