The Demon Stick Hopper Gate Opener is a Safe, Cost Effective Solution for Lower Volume Railcars

The Demon Stick Hopper Gate Opener is a Safe, Cost Effective Solution for Lower Volume Railcars

At the Arnold Company, worker safety is always paramount. 

That’s why we developed the Demon Stick Hopper Gate Opener —a game-changing solution that promises unparalleled safety and operational efficiency.

An Overview of the Demon Stick Hopper Gate Opener

For operations managers in the grain handling sector, efficiency and safety are two sides of the same coin. And when it comes to the challenge of unloading railcars, the manual techniques can often place operators in potentially hazardous situations. But with Arnold Company’s Demon Stick Hopper Gate Opener, these risks are significantly reduced, ensuring both safety and productivity.

Key Features:

  • Manual Railcar Opener for Low Volume Operations: Designed specifically for low volume applications, this tool is perfect for unloading or closing one to three rail cars a day.
  • Mobility & Convenience: Equipped with a two-wheel cart, the Demon Stick can be effortlessly moved around, ensuring flexibility and ease of use.
  • Hopper Bottom Railcar Handling: Whether you’re opening or closing a railcar, the Demon Stick makes the job simple and safe.
See it in Action 

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Prioritizing Operator Safety with an Innovative Hopper Opener Design

Perhaps the most significant advantage of the Demon Stick is the safety it affords to operators. As Director of Sales & Operations Scott Dressler from the Arnold Company points out, the design of the Demon Stick allows the operator to remain out from underneath the railcar. This not only facilitates easy leverage to the capstan, but also ensures that operators can do so from a safe position.

Unlike traditional methods, it’s easy to insert the Demon Stick bit into the capstan with just one operator. You no longer have to be directly underneath a heavy railcar to operate it. This key feature goes a long way in preventing operator injuries, aligning perfectly with the safety guidelines emphasized by OSHA and Environmental Health Services (EHS).

Why The Demon Stick?

  • Safety: Ensures that operators are not placed directly underneath railcars.
  • Efficiency: Manual operation suitable for low volume operations, handling one to three railcars a day.
  • Mobility: Its design allows for easy movement, making it perfect for remote railcar opening operations.

In terms of grain handling and railcar equipment, the Demon Stick Hopper Gate Opener emerges as a beacon of innovation. Prioritizing worker safety without compromising on productivity, it’s a must-have for safety managers and operations managers.

Ready to revolutionize your grain storage operations and guarantee operator safety? Contact an Arnold Company representative for more information.

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