Revolutionize Railcar Unloading with the Fork Devil Hopper Gate Opener

Revolutionize Railcar Unloading with the Fork Devil Hopper Gate Opener

Bustling grain storage facilities with multiple railcars need efficient devices to unload railcars quickly and safely.

At Arnold Company, we’ve developed a cost-effective but powerful solution to open hopper gates. The Fork Devil is a game-changing solution to simplify the process and ensure the well-being of operators.

Addressing the Railcar Unloading Challenge

Manual methods of unloading grain and other bulk commodities can add unnecessary time and effort to the process. This also poses potential risks to operators who must physically crawl beneath the railcars to open the hopper gates. Not only does this jeopardize worker safety, but it also reduces overall productivity.

Here’s where the Fork Devil Hopper Gate Opener can provide a solution.

This device utilizes the hydraulic power of a forklift or other fork-equipped machines to open hopper gates with ease. With no reliance on air or electric power sources, it proves to be a great solution where conventional power options are not available. Moreover, its affordable and portable design allows operators to swiftly move in and out of tight spaces, making unloading a breeze with a skid steer or a forklift.

Features of the Fork Devil Hopper Gate Opener

The Fork Devil Hopper Gate Opener boasts a set of cutting-edge features that make it stand out in the market:

  1. Hydraulic Power: Operated by the hydraulic system of a forklift or any fork-equipped device through auxiliary hydraulic ports, the Fork Devil is an ideal choice in situations where air and electric power options are unavailable.
  2. Versatile and Affordable: Designed to be budget-friendly, the unit offers unparalleled ease of maneuverability with a skid steer or a forklift, making railcar unloading efficient and cost-effective.
  3. Adaptive Pockets: With 6-5/8″ pockets, the Fork Devil fits most standard forks without modifications. The presence of two sets of pockets enables operators to open hopper gates from either a parallel or perpendicular position to the railcar.
  4. Multiple Orientation: The Fork Devil slides on forks, allowing the operator to use it facing forward or turning it to open hopper gates from the side, offering flexibility based on the operational needs.

Using the Fork Devil Hopper Gate Opener For Increased Safety, Productivity, and Efficiency:

  1. Enhanced Safety: By removing the operator from under the railcar, the Fork Devil mitigates the risk of injuries, prioritizing the well-being of workers and ensuring a secure work environment.
  2. Single-Person Operation: With an easy-to-use design, the unit can be operated by a single individual, streamlining railcar unloading processes and increasing overall productivity.
  3. Unmatched Portability: The remarkably portable Fork Devil enables operators to swiftly move in and out of tight spaces, reducing downtime and ensuring maximum efficiency.
  4. Hydraulic Motor: The hydraulic system of the forklift makes the Fork Devil a great solution where power options such as air and electric are not available.
  5. Customizable Solution: Arnold Company’s product specialists can customize the Fork Devil to fit on any forklift, tailoring the unit to meet specific operational requirements.

The Fork Devil Hopper Gate Opener from Arnold Company is a revolutionary solution that simplifies railcar unloading while prioritizing safety and efficiency. With its ingenious design and lower price point, this innovative unit is a must-have for any industrial operation. 

To learn more about this game-changing device, contact an Arnold Company representative. Revolutionize your railcar unloading experience with the Fork Devil Hopper Gate Opener!

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