Enhance Safety and Productivity with the PowerDrive Multi-Position Hopper Gate Opener

Enhance Safety and Productivity with the PowerDrive Multi-Position Hopper Gate Opener

We’re proud to introduce the latest addition to our PowerDrive series, the Multi-Position Hopper Gate Opener.

Shown:  PowerDrive Multi-Position equipped with wireless controls and optional camera system.

Experience the Future of Grain Handling

The PowerDrive Multi-Position builds upon the legacy of our trusted Multi-Position unit, which has been an industry staple for over 14 years. Albert Middeke, President of the Arnold Company, explains the motivation behind the PowerDrive Multi-Position creation: 

“The PowerDrive series started because we found a need in the market for high-volume operations. We’ve also heard many customers say that they would prefer to operate out of a central control room. We launched the series with our PowerDrive Ride-On.  While the PowerDrive Ride-On is still perfect for customers dedicating an employee to opening railcars all day long, the PowerDrive Multi-Position has a slightly smaller footprint and the remote control option makes it ideal for those customers who may want to open railcars from a central location while possibly operating other equipment at the same time.”

Benefits of the PowerDrive railcar hopper gate opener series

To enable operation from a central control room/area, we decided to create a unit that would allow  the operator to open the railcar hopper gate using a handheld wireless transmitter and built in camera system with a wireless monitor. With both the transmitter and monitor being wireless, you can literally operate the opener anywhere within several hundred feet, as long as you can provide AC electric power to the monitor.

We’ve also eliminated the traditional chain found in other beam mount systems ensuring a clean beam and minimizing trip hazards.   An added bonus, the overall PowerDrive system is simple to maintain.  As with all Door Demon® railcar openers, the PowerDrive series is built in the USA to the highest quality standards and we are always available to help keep your system running at its best.

The Key Features of the PowerDrive Multi-Position:

  • Single Operator Unit
  • Beam Mounted (standard W6 x 25 beam)
  • Ergonomically Placed Manual Hydraulic Controls
  • Wireless Remote Control and Camera Monitoring Available
  • Quieter Operational Levels (70 db)
  • Revamped Electric over Hydraulic System
  • Variable Travel Speed (85’ – 140’ per minute)
  • Easy to Maintain PowerDrive with No Chain

Take the Next Step towards Enhanced Safety and Productivity

The PowerDrive series was built to accommodate a wide range of situations and environments.  Arnold Company is ready to customize a solution to meet your needs.  Seated or standing, manual or remote control, the PowerDrive series will help to make your railcar unloading operation safer and more efficient.

Contact an Arnold Company representative today to learn more about the PowerDrive Multi-Position and how it can revolutionize your operations. 

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