New Ride-On Railcar Hopper Gate Opener Designed for High-Volume Applications

New Ride-On Railcar Hopper Gate Opener Designed for High-Volume Applications

New Ride-On Unit for High-Volume Applications

Open hopper gates safely and efficiently in high-volume railyards using the brand new and highly automated Ride-On Beam Mounted unit.

The Evolution of the Multi-Position Hopper Gate Opener

The original Multi-Position flagship unit includes an electric over hydraulic system with powered height adjustment, as well as powered forward and retract motion. The unit rolls easily along a beam on a free-moving trolley system.

Beam mounted units are an ideal tool for use in unloading areas with fairly high railcar volume. The trolley system of the Multi-Position allows the user to quickly move the opener into position. Also, the ability to position and rotate the drive shaft by simply moving valve levers allows a single operator to unload many railcars with little effort.

Inspiration for the New Ride-On Unit

In many unloading areas, high volumes require an operator to unload railcars for an entire shift, and this often occurs across multiple shifts per day. Requests came in for an even higher level of automation than the Multi-Position to reduce worker fatigue and increase safety. Although the Multi-Position functions well for these operations, Arnold Company invented the design for a Ride-On unit for their customers experiencing such significant volume.

The new Ride-On unit incorporates the best features of the Multi-Position, along with a completely new sled design and power unit. Operators have complete control of the unit using simple controls – all from a comfortable seated position. In addition to powered height adjustment and drive shaft operation, the unit traverses along the beam with simple lever operation.

See it in action!

This unit provides a smooth, quiet ride for the operator. Not only are the valve handles within easy reach, but the feathering capability of the valve allows the operator to easily adjust speed as needed. In addition, the top speed is adjustable to accommodate different comfort levels and experience.

For high-volume applications, the Multi-Position is still a highly sought-after solution, but this new unit adds another level of automation for those that prefer it.

Equipped for Tough Unloading Challenges and High-Volume Applications

Not only is this unit quiet and comfortable, but it also features our largest electric over hydraulic system. The shaft RPM’s are the fastest in our product line, and the highest torque hydraulic motor is included as a standard feature.  Designed to run all day even in tough environments, this unit includes a built-in hydraulic oil cooler so that it will not overheat. With top speeds and high torque, the Ride-On will not only get the job done safely and easily, but also in the fastest time possible.

Work Safer, Faster, and Better with the Right Unloading Equipment

After over 20 years manufacturing railcar openers, hopper trailer openers, and vibration equipment at Arnold Company, we will equip you with the tools you need to work smarter and safer. Request more information on the Ride-On unit below from one of our product specialists.

“We have always taken pride in our high quality and wide product offering.   One of our main goals is to offer solutions for our customers, no matter what their challenge might be.  I feel that the Ride-On unit helps to fill out our already great product offering with the next level in automation, speed, and power.” – Albert Middeke, Arnold Company PresidentRequest Information

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