Hopper Trailer Openers

Arnold Company’s Hopper Trailer Openers

Introducing a new revolution in utility and safety:

The Arnold Company’s patented* hopper trailer opener (HTO) solution is a time and labor-saving tool that makes opening truck trailers easier and safer than ever for your operators so they can stay focused on the job at hand.

Operators know that hand-cranking the opener is not an efficient method when facing a string of trailers that need unloading. It tires out your workers, slows efficiency, clogs up production speeds, and can even cause injuries. That’s why the Arnold Company designed a safety-first selection of railcar and trailer openers, sometimes referred to as grain hopper trailer openers, to do the hard work for you!

Why Use a Hopper Trailer Opener?

Trailer gate openers (also known as trailer trap openers) are a durable, efficient addition to any operation. The HTO, designed and built specifically for hopper trailers, uses enough torque to open hopper gates without causing damage and speed that is efficient but completely controllable.

Each hopper trailer opener is designed and produced with these key benefits in mind:

Whether your primary purpose is unloading bulk consumables such as grains, salt and sugar, or industrial elements like concrete or frac sand, we have a railcar unloading product that gets the job done faster, safer, and better than the competition.

Built to Last

Our Door Demon® Hopper Trailer Opener is lightweight but durable, meant to accommodate thousands of uses per season. The units require next to no maintenance, so your operations team always has an operational unit on hand.

Safe & Efficient

Reduce repetitive motion injuries from opening large quantities of trailers as well as injuries from straining to open the hoppers safely. This, in turn, will lower lost time incidents. Plus, each trailer opener ensures safe use with our quiet HTO that registers under 80 decibels.

Save Time & Money

By utilizing speed, safety, and ease of use, our hopper trailer openers promote faster unloading which lowers labor costs and improves overall production, benefitting your bottom line in a big way.

Empower Your Employees

Our customers report that operators who normally couldn’t do the job, now perform it without issue. Plus, companies save on temporary labor with more employees who can get the job done faster and longer.

The Industries We Serve:

The Arnold Company has a tool for every trade and our bulk trailer trap openers are specifically designed to make a big impact for these industries:

  • Grain
  • Fertilizer
  • Frac Sand

“I was looking for years for a good tool to open hopper trailers and I finally found the Door Demon® Hopper Trailer Opener (HTO). It’s the best option out there. It’s very user-friendly and it saves labor by putting less strain on the employees than cranking hopper gates by hand. It also speeds up the unloading process. The tool is very well built, mechanically sound, and virtually maintenance-free. We used it to open 4,000 trailers last fall. That’s roughly 4,000,000 bushels and it’s ready to go for this season! I give it an A+”– Paul Mancini, Farmers Grain Terminal, Indianola, MS

If you’re interested in a specific use case, our team can help identify how the Hopper Trailer Opener will make a big difference for your organization and employees.

* U.S. Patent No. 10,507,567

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