GEAPS Exchange 2022 & Arnold Company Feature Safety and Innovation

GEAPS Exchange 2022 & Arnold Company Feature Safety and Innovation

GEAPS Exchange 2022

As changing trends and developments continue to impact the grain trade, businesses are seeking the biggest and best safety equipment and solutions to protect their operators and workforce. 

Luckily, one event continues to provide direct access to the trending education and technology that is currently improving safety in the grain industry: GEAPS Exchange 2022

This year, the Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS) annual trade show takes place March 26-29 in Kansas City, MO. GEAPS Exchange 2022 curates over 45 hours of grain industry knowledge and pairs an expo of grain handling and processing operations solutions with a global network of attendees ready to discover the latest innovations which play a critical role in the safety process.

Safety Aligns with Business Results at Booth #1914

As a leader in manufacturing grain industry solutions, Arnco Safety and Arnold Company are excited to once more join the GEAPS Exchange 2022. Representatives from both companies will be on hand at Booth #1914 to answer questions, demo products, and discuss the latest trends in workplace safety equipment and information. 

Your organization will improve operations and boost business results by engaging with a variety of in-person experts, determining which products are the right fit for your company, and seeing firsthand how this technology can keep your team safe and productive.

Arnold Company and Arnco Safety: Innovation on Display

For many years, around 450 exhibitors, including Arnold Company, showcased goods and educated participants about the most creative parts of the industry. This year Arnold Company and Arnco Safety will be sharing exciting, new products in the Expo Hall with other business owners and manufacturers at the GEAPS Exchange 2022.

Sintrol will be joining Arnco Safety to showcase the new DumoPro Dust Monitor at Innovation Station in the Expo Hall as well as at a special breakout for new products known as the “Idea Exchange.”

Here’s what to expect in the GEAPS Expo Hall:

Arnco Safety Presents DumoPro

The DumoPro, a dust monitoring device, is a new and improved continuous ambient air dust monitor for industrial environments. By using ongoing, real-time trend detection in critical locations to identify and alert to dust activities, DumoPro uses Sintrol measurement technology to detect dust leaks early.

The DumoPro product benefits that attendees will be buzzing about:

  • Low-maintenance, 24/7 monitoring
  • Quick response to changes in process conditions
  • Enhanced supervision of hazardous locations
  • Increased equipment and worker protection

Understanding how the DumoPro can help keep your workers safe may be one of the biggest benefits of attending the 2022 GEAPS Exchange.

The Arnold Company Showcases Popular Industry Products

The Arnold Company is the #1 manufacturer of the Door Demon® line of railcar and hopper trailer openers. The mission has always been to offer practical solutions to everyday issues in the grain industry. Arnold Company takes pride in the product selection, product quality, and personalized customer service that stands behind each product. 

This year, the Arnold Company will be presenting select equipment that has played a big role in improving the grain industry year over year, including: 

  • The Hopper Trailer Opener – This flagship product delivers the torque necessary to get the job done, efficient rotation speed and control, and the ideal weight to work all day.
  • The new Ride-On Hopper Gate Opener – The Ride-On is our latest innovation and our most automated unit. The new design – one year in the making – incorporates many new features, including our chain-free power drive, as well as our remote control option.
  • Vibration Solutions – Discover more high-quality vibration solutions that help your team handle daily operations in a safer, faster, and more efficient manner.

These products will be on hand for attendees to demo and hear practical use cases for their specific teams and goals.

Learn More About the GEAPS Exchange Trade Show

The Grain Elevator and Processing Society represents professionals who operate in the grain handling and processing sector globally. GEAPS has promoted leadership, innovation, and quality in the grain-related industry’s procedures since 1930. Nearly 90 years ago, its members began partnering to develop and maintain safer, more efficient operations.

The 2022 GEAPS Exchange brings together a worldwide community of business experts, including suppliers, operations professionals, safety managers, government officials, and academia related to the industry. GEAPS has over 2,800 individual members representing 1,150 enterprises and organizations in over 20 countries. This event provides incredible networking opportunities with individuals of various experiences across the grain industry.

Let’s Grow Together at GEAPS Exchange 2022

Visit Arnold Company and Arnco Safety’s Booth #1914 at GEAPS Exchange 2022 to meet and interact with a unique network of industry professionals and solutions who will move your business forward – safely. 

Follow Arnold Company’s LinkedIn page for up-to-date information on this year’s tradeshow. 

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