Introducing Arnco Safety: Keep Your Team Safe and Prepared Every Time

Introducing Arnco Safety: Keep Your Team Safe and Prepared Every Time

Introducing Arnco Safety

Arnold Company is excited to introduce our new service-orientated company Arnco Safety that specializes in the safety services, training, and equipment necessary to keep your team protected and prepared at all times. 

Arnco Safety represents a new vision on the commitment to safety that has permeated the Arnold Company brand since its inception in 1985. Now, alongside our flagship equipment manufacturer and products, we’ve assembled a team of experienced professionals who work with your organization to ensure the proper safety policies, equipment, and training are in place to educate and protect your workplace.

Learn more about the core focuses of the Arnco Safety brand.

The Safety Services, Training, and Equipment Designed to Bring Your People Home Safely:

Rescue Services

It pays to be prepared. That’s the idea behind our rescue services – to have a plan in place before the need arises. We strategize scenarios to prepare for executing standby rescue services including confined space rescue, hole watch, and fire watch. Our training includes rope rescue, high angle rescue, knot tying, and reviewing the specialty equipment related to rope rescue. We also carry a complete line of rescue equipment.

Safety Training

Proper training is key to developing and maintaining a successful safety program. Our certified trainers educate your team whenever and wherever you need them with custom training programs to match your needs, procedures, and unique challenges. We even develop the written processes and procedures that will serve as the best practices and guidelines to protect your team for years to come. Visit our page for a full list of safety training services available.

Safety Policy Consulting

While we all agree that detailed safety policies and procedures are critical to any safety program, we also know that this is often an area that does not get the attention it deserves. To address this gap, we have pulled together the documentation and expert resources to help create all of the safety policies that you need for you company. We will start by understanding your current situation and specific needs. Then, we will work with you to create customized safety policies to meet OSHA requirements and ensure your employees understand all company safety requirements.

Gas & Dust Monitors

At Arnco Safety, we specialize in both Gas Detection and Dust Monitoring. We know firsthand the importance of high quality gas detection equipment, as we use it ourselves every day. We not only carry all major brands of gas detection equipment, but also have the ability to calibrate and maintain your equipment.

Excessive dust is an issue in many of the industries we serve.  Controlling dust is critical to safety, equipment longevity, and employee health. After significant research, we have partnered with Sintrol to offer the most advanced dust monitoring solutions in the field for real-time monitoring of ambient air conditions, emissions, and filter systems.

Safety Apparel & Personal Protective Equipment

Ensuring employees have a safe working environment starts with the use of proper personal protective equipment. We offer an extensive range of safety accessories, including safety glasses, hard hats, hearing protection, high-visibility workwear and safety vests, footwear, fall protection, and more. When you have the tools to operate safely in any environment, you ensure everyone goes home safely.

Put Safety First at Your Organization

Is safety ingrained in your culture? Add our experts to your team, so we can put the products and processes in place that make sure that everyone goes home safely at the end of the day.

Let’s discuss a tailored program to meet your needs and get started. Contact us today!

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