Arnold Company Makes Strong Impression at Annual GEAPS event

Arnold Company Makes Strong Impression at Annual GEAPS event

Arnold Company Sets Up booth at GEAPS annual event
Each year thousands of attendees gather at the GEAPS annual conference to learn about the latest topics affecting the industry and explore innovative new products and services in the Expo Hall.  This year the event was held in Denver Colorado. Pictured here, representatives of the Arnold Company stand proudly next to their line of railcar and trailer Door Demon® hopper gate openers.

The Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS) recently held their annual grain industry show in Denver Colorado and the Arnold Company was there proudly displaying a wide selection of Door Demon® railcar and trailer hopper openers.

Annual GEAPS Event

The annual GEAPS event is said to be the biggest and best show in the grain industry. Attendees come from all aspects of the grain industry, including suppliers and those in the grain handling and processing industry. Operations professionals include those directly engaged in grain handling, feed, milling and processing operations. Suppliers represent businesses or organizations that supply equipment, products or services to the grain handling, feed, milling and processing industries. The annual conference also draws safety professionals, government officials and academia related to the industry. It is also an excellent opportunity for students seeking degrees related to grain handling, milling, feed and processing industries to make connections in the industry.

For the Arnold Company it provided a chance to show off their amazing line of equipment and introduce many attendees to the world’s first hand-held, air-powered Hopper Trailer Opener … the Door Demon® HTO.

the HTO was highlighted at this years Geaps event
The HTO has been making a huge impact on the industry since its launch earlier this year, literally changing the way trailer hopper gates can be opened. It’s a safe, effective, reliable, long-lasting and easy-to-operate way of getting the job done.

Last year the GEAPS event set records with 438 exhibitors in 270,000 square feet of space. This year the expo was even bigger. There was a Denver Mixer, a get-acquainted party, a President’s Banquet and receptions, a GEAPS committee and board meeting, a fun run/walk and a massive welcome reception. Attendees also had the opportunity to attend a MillerCoors Post Conference Tour of the MillerCoors malting faculty in Golden, Colorado.

For the Arnold Company however it was all work, it was about showing attendees the value and productivity and safety features offered by their products.

“It’s all about safety and productivity here at the Arnold Company,” said Scott Dressler, Arnold Company Sales Manager. “This event is our chance to shine, it’s our chance to connect and share with our industry important news and information … such as the launch of our Door Demon® HTO, the safety and productivity features of our railcar hopper gate opener product line, our hopper vibrators, our heavy-duty vibrator lifter and more. This event really makes a difference.”

Upcoming GEAPS Exchanges:

GEAPS Exchange 2019: New Orleans, Lousiana, March 9-12

GEAPS Exchange 2020: Minneapolis, Minnesota, March 21-24

GEAPS Exchange 2021: Columbus, Ohio, February 20- 23


GEAPS Website


Arnold Company representatives proudly stand next to a collection of their railcar and trailer hopper gate openers.
The Arnold Company made a splash at this year’s GEAPS event.

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