6 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Railcar Unloading Equipment

6 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Railcar Unloading Equipment

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Choosing the right railcar unloading equipment helps you work safer, faster, and better.

On any given day, your operators might be up against a multitude of challenges that significantly impact their productivity. Damaged or rusty railcars, sticky products, shifted loads, and unsafe unloading conditions not only slow things down but jeopardize their safety.

You cannot afford to be down or have a railcar waiting to be unloaded. Product must get moved in a timely and efficient manner. Before long, those looming demurrage fees can be quickly applied. But if the conditions threaten your operators’ safety, your hands are tied.

How do you know which type of railcar unloading equipment to choose from?

For hopper gates openers specifically, it helps to have an understanding of the environment your operator serves, as well as the railyard’s rules regarding railcar unloading.

Ask yourself or your team the following questions to evaluate your needs:

  1. What commodity is being unloaded and where it is discharged to?
  2. What is the frequency and number of railcars received?
  3. How often do you receive railcars with travelling capstans (i.e. the capstan moves with the gate when opening or closing)?
  4. Are there possible space limitations at the unloading site?
  5. What are your available power sources: compressed air, electricity, none, etc.?
  6. What are the general conditions of the unloading site?

For a comprehensive site assessment to determine which equipment will meet your needs, connect with an Arnold Company Product Specialist.

Hopper gate openers come in a variety of types and specifications that meet your needs without sacrificing safety for speed.

At Arnold Company, our Door Demon® line is the widest in the industry. Power options include AC Electric, Pneumatic, DC Battery, Open Hydraulic, or manual. They are available in several configurations including portable wheeled, beam mounted, or device mounted for forklifts, skid steers or conveyors.

After over 30 years manufacturing railcar openers, hopper trailer openers, and vibration equipment, we have seen many industry challenges. With that knowledge, we will work directly with you and your team to find a solution and equip you with the tools that help you work smarter and safer.

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