4 Ways to Reduce Operator Fatigue

4 Ways to Reduce Operator Fatigue

Evolution of the Door Buster

Reduce operator fatigue with efficient unloading equipment that prioritizes safety. 

When it comes to the safety of your operators, there’s no room for compromise.  Operators often experience difficult, or in many cases, hazardous working environments that can slow down the unloading process. For over 30 years, the Arnold Company’s Door Demon® line of railcar openers, hopper trailer openers and vibration equipment have put safety first.

1. Give operators full control of the unloading process

Opening truck hopper trailers typically requires the flexibility of a handheld unit with enough torque for a smoother and safer opening experience. The world’s first handheld, portable Hopper Trailer Opener gives operators full control when unloading a variety of trailer types. With a lightweight and ergonomic design, it helps reduce operator fatigue and keeps both the operator and trailer gate safe.

Additional Features of the Hopper Trailer Opener

  • Custom shaft locking mechanism
  • Quick-change sockets
  • Air powered
  • Safe noise levels below 80 decibels

2. Put less strain on operators

When damaged or jammed hopper gate railcars arrive for unloading, operators need a solution that doesn’t slow them down or compromise their safety. The “Dragon” Pneumatic Two-Wheel Hopper Gate Opener perfectly combines mobility and speed to safely open the toughest railcar gates.

The Dragon puts very little strain on operators, thanks to its powerful air motor and use of continuous torque. Operators also have access to powered lift and powered side-shifting wheels to accommodate traveling capstans.

Learn more about how to reduce operator fatigue with the “Dragon” Hopper Gate Railcar Opener

3. Use quality, durable materials 

The newest addition to the Arnold Company lineup are lightweight and portable Tank Car Belly Cap Wrenches which allow operators to open belly caps on tank cars carrying flammable liquids such as crude oil or ethanol. At no more than 30” in length, operators can easily apply enough leverage to open belly caps.

Each wrench comes equipped with non-sparking aluminum bronze jaws and an aluminum handle. The jaws maintain a rock-solid grip thanks to a replaceable offset cam and upper hook design that provides increasing clamping power as more pressure is applied.

Contact an experienced Arnold Company Product Specialist for more information on the Tank Car Belly Cap Wrenches

4. Keep them out of harm’s way

Boxcars with damaged or shifted loads make the unloading process a lot trickier for operators. In some cases, they seriously strain themselves opening plug door handles that may contain stored energy. The Door Buster Combination Boxcar Opener keeps operators safely out of harm’s way as they open the boxcar door. This forklift mounted unit with a built-in DC battery charger addresses your operator’s need to safely open boxcar doors in compact, challenging, or potentially hazardous environments.

Keep operators out of harm’s way with a handheld remote-control option for the Door Buster

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