3 Key Benefits of Railcar Vibrators

3 Key Benefits of Railcar Vibrators

Learn how railcar vibrators act as critical tools for unloading hopper cars in a safe and productive manner.  

Potential Hazards to Avoid

Oftentimes, operators associate railcar vibrators with equipment that is bulky, cumbersome or difficult to manage. The vast majority weigh between 65-85 pounds. This makes it challenging and hazardous for a single operator to safely lift the railcar vibrator into and out of the railcar pocket. In addition, if it gets wedged tightly enough into the railcar cradle, the operator usually must remove it manually with a sledge or hammer.

The Benefits

Railcar vibrators work to improve speed, safety, and efficiency while reducing railcar damage, crucial factors that contribute to preventing worker injuries and increasing productivity during the entire unloading process.

1. Increase Safety

Utilizing a railcar vibrator removes the need for the operator to hammer the exterior of the railcar or manually scrape its interior walls. The railcars themselves are then spared from the damaging effects of manual hammering.

2. Improve Material Flow

When railcars are left in railyards waiting to be unloaded past an allotted amount of days, demurrage fees or charges apply. Railcar vibration not only enables product flow but minimizes unloading time.

3. Reduce Waste

Railcar vibrators are designed to help cut down on material remaining in the railcar, as well as reduce the material built up at the opening.

A Safer Solution

Arnold Company designed the Rhino Railcar Vibrator Lifter to expand upon the benefits of railcar vibration while providing a solution to the potential hazards involved. This lifter is powered by a pneumatic motor. It operates a hydraulic system designed to safely and easily maneuver heavy railcar vibrators and brackets into the cradle of hopper cars. With simple joystick controls, a single operator can manage the task and the need for straining or hammering is eliminated.

Rhino Railcar Vibrator Lifter

The Rhino has also been designed to accommodate Cleveland Vibrator’s 1300, 1350, and 1400 VMRR Piston Railcar Vibrators, as well as roller vibrators.

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